About the Team

The Florida Institute of Technology Ice Hockey program was began in January, 2003. The founders of the organization wanted the opportunity to play hockey with their peers while at college. The goal of the organization was to eventually compete in the ACHA Division III league.

The inaugural season for the team introduced a group of about fifteen, skaters and goalies, with a very wide range of skill levels. The team participated in the local men’s “A” league, where their intense, and physical style of play was not always welcome by league directors. However, the first season for the Florida Tech Ice Hockey Team proved that an organized hockey program at Florida Tech was a possibility.

As word spread about the team’s existence, more and more players began to come forward, and the quality of hockey improved greatly. With a deeper talent base, and scheduled practice times, the team felt confident they could compete against ACHA registered schools. So, in November of 2004, the Florida Tech Ice Hockey team traveled to Daytona to play Embry Riddle. Tech lost their first college game by a score of 6-2, but they competed well. That game gave the green light to the team’s officers to organize a full schedule versus future league opponents.

In January 2005, the Panthers hosted a home game against Florida State. Until this point, fan attendance was moderate, but when the big name of FSU came to town, popularity exploded. Unofficial records estimate the attendance at the Florida Tech vs. Florida State 2005 game to lie somewhere between 450-500. Today, most of the games are sold out and the team is a member of the ACHA Division III league.

Florida Tech is a small university, with undergraduate totals being around 3200 students. The common expression on campus is “Florida Tech Hockey: the football team Florida Tech never had”.

At Florida Tech, the ONLY event bigger than a hockey game is graduation. With its short history, explosive popularity and established traditions, the Florida Tech Ice Hockey Program is here to stay. GO PANTHERS!!!!